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Accolades & Awards | Kurt Kastorf Law Firm
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"Kurt is an exceptional legal scholar who demonstrates outstanding written and oral advocacy. A results-oriented lawyer, Kurt puts his clients first, while upholding the utmost professionalism."
Ed Piasta
Piasta Newbern Walker
"Kurt is a force-multiplier. He knows the law and the winning arguments better than anyone. His legal acumen is second-to-none. He's smarter and works harder than anyone in the case. His ability to persuade the court is nothing short of astonishing, particularly when they are headed down a path that will lead to error. I have watched him tie five separate partner-level opposing counsel in knots because of his preparation and ability to quickly adapt to their misleading arguments. If you want the other side the feel like they brought a knife to a gun fight, you need Kurt standing next to you."
Drew Ashby
The Ashby Firm
"Kurt is easy to work with, responsive, and exceedingly competent. He has helped our trial team with post-trial motions and subsequent appeal. His crisp writing style breathed new life into trial arguments and his fresh take on thorny issues was exceedingly helpful. Impressively, he was able to quickly master (and articulate) difficult legal concepts and related factual issues without the benefit of having worked on the case for years (like we had). Can’t go wrong with Kurt!"
Headshot of Emily Acosta
Emily Acosta
Childers Schlueter & Smith
"Kurt is a brilliant attorney who has an uncanny ability to take complex law and challenging facts, and distill them to capture what is really important - those crucial aspects of the case that will ultimately persuade the court or jury. He always sees the bigger picture."
Haryle Kaldis
Cozen O'Connor
"Kurt is like a little angel on your shoulder keeping you out of trouble in hearings, pre-trial motions, at trial, and on appeal. Kurt will get the law, application, and strategy right, so you can worry about trying your case in the most effective and persuasive way to the jury. Adding Kurt to your trial team adds immense value to your case."
Headshot of Attorney Mike Rafi
Mike Rafi
Rafi Law Firm
"I’ve known Kurt for more than 10 years and can attest to his truly unique and keen legal insight. I am continually impressed by his ability to examine the issues from all angles and come up with a stellar plan of action."
Headshot of Lovita Tandy
Lovita Tandy
Tandy Legal
"Kurt is the appellate counsel that every trial lawyer needs on his or her team. His ability to navigate complex appellate issues allows me to try my cases and to keep my verdicts without worry of being overturned on appeal."
R. Michael Coker
The Law Offices of R. Michael Coker
"There’s a feeling of confidence that comes with retaining an attorney that you know will handle a case competently and efficiently, every time. Kurt always brings passion and focus along with sophisticated legal know-how that inspires such confidence - every time."
Pavan Khoobchandani
"Kurt is one of the smartest, most capable lawyers I know. He is always ready to jump into a project immediately with insight and gusto. Aside from his phenomenal lawyering capabilities, Kurt is a fantastic person you’d want to work with. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kurt for many years, and he is always ready to answer questions or be a sounding board. You want Kurt on your team."
Sharon Zinns
Beasley Allen
"Kurt is my first call whenever I need help with a difficult civil litigation problem. His litigation, trial, and appellate knowledge is vast and he gets to the 'right' answer."
Georgia attorney Matt Wetherington specializes in catastrophic injury
Matt Wetherington
Wetherington Law Firm
"Kurt Kastorf is a tremendous asset in a case. He’s smart and has good judgment, but perhaps most impressive is his downfield vision. He can see issues that are likely to pop up in a case well before they’re ripe. And is native ability to understand the legal issues in a case is deeply impressive. I’ve been grateful to work with him and look forward to doing it again."
Matt Kaiser
"Kurt is thoughtful in his approach, responsive, and always willing to assist at every stage. He’s proven to be trustworthy and innovative in finding the best solutions. He is creative in his strategy, and outside of that, just a pleasure to be around. It’s been extremely beneficial to have his support."
Dayna Thomas is an entertainment lawyer in Atlanta, GA
Dayna Thomas
The Law Office of Dayna Thomas
"Kurt is an extremely intelligent and highly skilled trial lawyer. He is at ease in the courtroom and understands the nuances of a jury trial resulting in high six figure and seven figure verdicts throughout his career. There is no opposing counsel that will hustle harder than Kurt, and I highly recommend The Kastorf Firm to clients and lawyers alike."
Seth Eisenberg
The Eisenberg Firm
"Kurt is a brilliant attorney. I would recommend him without any hesitation for litigation, as well as appellate practice. (Best to get him involved in the process at an early stage) He has a keen grasp of the law coupled with unparalleled experience in handling complex cases. Simply put, Kurt is my 'go-to' for legal questions."
Kevin Patrick
Kevin Patrick Law
"Kurt has an extensive wealth of knowledge to share with those who need it. He is very intelligent and innovative . . . [H]e can notice and break down complex issues so a child can understand them. His knowledge is well worth the price and will ultimately pay for itself. "
Jay Everett
JL Everett Law Offices
"My firm retained Attorney Kastorf’s firm to handle a response to a complex motion in a high stakes matter with only several weeks until the response was due. Attorney Kastorf’s work product was beyond even what we were expecting. His legal analysis was succinct, persuasive, and directly on point. My firm won’t hesitate to hire his firm again as well as to be co-counsel on litigation/trial matters in the future."
Joseph Wilson
JL Wilson Trial Law
"I have had the pleasure of working with Kurt at both the trial and appellate level. His mind is razor sharp. Based on the facts of the case he is able to frame the legal issues succulently and narrowly so that you may present your client’s case as persuasively as possible."
Jeff Helms
The Helms Law Firm
"If you are looking co-counsel for a very complex legal matter search no further. Kurt Kastorf is the lawyer for the job! Kurt knows how to look at a set of complex facts and simplify them to where any jury—and I mean any jury—can understand. Kurt is a tremendous asset to any legal team, with a proven track record that precedes him."
Jenaye Lawrence-Peterson is a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, Georgia
Jenaye Lawrence-Peterson
The Doherty Law Firm
"I've had the pleasure to try a case with Kurt. He has impeccable knowledge of the rules of evidence and applicable law to assist a trial judge with complex evidentiary rulings. In our particular case, Kurt correctly got the trial judge to reverse twice. I highly recommend him as trial and appeals counsel."
Steven Newton
Steven N. Newton, LLC
"Kurt is a fantastic resource for any attorney planning on trying complex, high stakes cases in Georgia and protecting trial verdicts—or correcting trial court errors. I have seen Kurt in action, on his feet in front of the Court of Appeals on my client’s case and his gift for persuading and educating jurists on the intricacies of Georgia law is absolutely first class."
Headshot of Daniel Beer
Daniel Beer
Shiver Hamilton
"Kurt is a lawyer's lawyer. I trust him to catch the legal issues others may miss or gloss over. At the end of the day, clients hire a lawyer because the lawyer knows how to solve the tough problems. Kurt is that guy, intelligent, savvy, and always important, very responsive."
Austin Bersinger
Bersinger Law
"[We] spoke with defense counsel the other day and they commented that having Kurt against them felt like they were bringing a knife to a gunfight. We agree."
Lance Cooper
The Cooper Firm