Native American Law

Kastorf Law provides counsel to tribes and other organizations on complex regulatory issues and high-stakes litigation. 

Why should you hire Kastorf Law?

Kurt Kastorf worked on tribal issues on behalf of the United States before advocating for the rights of tribes and their partners at WilmerHale. Kastorf Law provides flexible and cost-sensitive counsel to tribes on sophisticated legal issues, such as negotiating treat rights with the United States, land-into-trust, gaming issues, and the use of natural resources on tribal land.

What does Kastorf Law know about election law & voting rights?

While at the United States Department of Justice, Kurt Kastorf was routinely involved in tribal matters, working on dozens of Federal cases involving tribes and their rights. He continued that work at WilmerHale, providing legal counsel to tribes and their partners. At Kastorf Law, Kurt is able to continue to provide sophisticated counsel to tribes with greater flexibility and at a significantly more attractive rate structure than can a large Washington, D.C.-based firm.

What are some examples of the firm’s prior experience?

Some of Kurt’s prior work includes:

  • Successfully representing the United States Department of the Interior in arguing that tribes have the right to include hiring preferences in favor of their members in mineral leases.
  • Successfully representing the United States in litigation concerning the rights of former slaves of the Cherokee Nation. Read the United States’ brief here.
  • Counselling tribes on the use of natural resources on trust land.
  • Assisting tribes and their partners on land-into-trust and gaming applications.