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Pretrial Litigation Strategy | Atlanta Trial Attorney
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Pretrial Litigation & Strategy

Kastorf Law is a Georgia litigation and regulatory boutique that regularly assists co-counsel handle their most important matters. Although the firm’s role is flexible based on the needs of a case, generally when you associate Kastorf Law, we handle all aspects of the law and legal writing, allowing you to focus on the facts and client counseling.

Why hire Kastorf Law?

If it is your first time associating Kastorf Law on a case, you might ask “Why do I need co-counsel at all?” Splitting your fee isn’t something you should do without a good reason. But there are good reasons. Bringing in Kastorf Law can pay for itself through improved results and reduced risk. Here are some of the reasons the most successful trial attorneys hire the firm:

  • Hiring Kastorf Law is a whole lot cheaper than giving your case away. When you bring in a big case that is a bit out of your firm’s comfort zone, your first reaction might be to refer that case to a specialist. But a better option than handing your first great premises liability, medical malpractice, products, or trucking matter to one of the big players is to bring in Kastorf Law.  The firm will help make sure you are doing things right, so you can keep control (and a controlling interest) over your matter.
  • You probably shouldn’t be briefing and arguing your own cases anyhow. Kastorf Law has worked on hundreds of appellate briefs and dispositive motions. The firm is good at it, and brings a fresh perspective. Even if you are an excellent writer too, you probably don’t do it as often or as efficiently as Kastorf Law can. And more importantly, your time could be better spent developing the facts and counseling your client. Spend all your time doing what you do best.
  • Splitting cases reduces your risk. 25% of four big cases is a better risk proposition than 100% of one. Using Kastorf Law does not just improve your performance on existing cases, it allows you to take on additional matters, better managing your risk.
  • Working with Kastorf Law helps manage your overhead. Getting new business is great, but managing that workload can create problems. Do you stretch yourself to the limit? Or do you rush to hire additional full-time attorneys and staff? Are you certain you’ve found the right associate, and will have enough work after the next fire drill is over?  Bring Kastorf Law in only on the cases where you need help, and you can expect excellent work product with no continuing financial obligations.

Want to learn more?

Read Kastorf Law’s analysis on pretrial litigation and strategy:

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