An Atlanta, GA Litigation Boutique

Kastorf Law is a litigation boutique with a difference. It can handle your most challenging and high-risk legal issues, and, if necessary, take your case to trial.

What Makes Kastorf Law Different?

Washington, D.C. litigation boutiques are filled with attorneys with stellar resumes who can handle novel legal issues and manage complex litigation. But they rarely, if ever, try a case. Atlanta trial attorneys can get your case to trial and excel in front of a jury, but see the same fact patterns every day of the week. Kastorf Law bridges that divide by providing legal counsel on complex and mission critical matters, while clearly signaling to the other side that you are prepared to try your case — and win — if necessary.

Should You Hire Kastorf Law?

Are you in the right place? The stakeholders who engage Kastorf Law generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • You represent a business or organization that needs counsel for either a business dispute or regulatory matter. You want the flexibility of a boutique but the sophisticated practice of a larger firm. Please read more about our commercial litigation and regulatory practices.
  • You are an individual who has been injured by the actions of another. Read about our tort litigation practice.
  • You are an attorney who may need co-counsel on a difficult matter or one that appears headed to trial. Read about our pretrial litigation, embedded trial counsel, and appellate practices.
  • You are a law firm looking for local counsel in Georgia.