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Atlanta Regulatory Attorney | Kurt Kastorf Law Firm
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Kastorf Law handles the entire lifecycle of laws and regulations, from when they are first proposed, to when your organization is fighting an enforcement action. Administrative and regulatory law requires special expertise. It is not enough that your outside counsel knows your industry’s substantive law—in high stakes matters, your lawyer needs to understand the administrative state.

Why should you hire Kastorf Law?

Most organizations rely on subject matter specialists for compliance, permitting, and licensing work. When you need to know how to submit an SEC filing, or apply for a Clean Water Act permit, a securities lawyer or an environmental lawyer is the best choice. But when your organization is faced with a law or regulation that undermines your business’ success, subject matter expertise is not enough. Your outside counsel needs to understand the peculiarities of administrative law and statutory interpretation.

That’s where Kastorf Law can help. The firm guides clients through the entire lifecycle of an adverse regulation. When you learn something is in the pipeline, should you try to prevent rulemaking from commencing? Participate in notice and comment? File an Administrative Procedure Act action to prevent the adopted regulation from going into effect? Wait until you are facing an enforcement action? Kastorf Law can help work through these strategic questions, and implement solutions.

You should call Kastorf Law if you are in one of the following situations:

  • Your organization has learned of a potential adverse rulemaking and wants an attorney that can provide strategic advice on the entire lifecycle of a regulation. 
  • You would benefit from counsel in the Southeast, rather than Washington, D.C.
  • Your in house or outside legal counsel is not an experienced litigator
  • You have reason to suspect your organization is in violation of existing regulations and need a plan to address this problem.
  • You need sound advice on whether your organization’s new initiative would violate any laws or regulations, and the risk it poses of triggering an enforcement action.
  • Your company already has outside attorneys in place for a regulatory action, but your executive officers or subsidiaries will need separate counsel.
  • Your potential challenge to a regulation or enforcement action raises novel or otherwise difficult issues of law.
  • Your case is now on appeal.

What does Kastorf Law know about regulatory law?

A lot. Kurt Kastorf has worked on more than 100 Administrative Procedure Act cases, involving nearly three dozen Federal and state agencies. The firm’s expertise is in regulations, statutory interpretation, and enforcement actions, and is not limited by the substantive law at issue. With that being said, read about Kastorf Law’s specific expertise in the following regulatory areas: