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Kurt Kastorf | Kurt Kastorf Law Firm: Georgia Trial and Appellate Attorney
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Kurt Kastorf

Kurt Kastorf was working as a young associate at King & Spalding LLP when he came home to find a letter from the United States Attorney General asking him to join the Department of Justice. Over the next eight years—first at the Justice Department and then at WilmerHale LLP—Kurt routinely handled some of the nation’s most challenging appellate, litigation, and regulatory matters.

Kurt now brings his experience as a Washington, D.C. litigator back to Georgia. He has significant knowledge of the local judiciary, having worked for the Supreme Court of Georgia, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, and the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

Kurt litigates cases on behalf of a wide range of clients, from the very large—he has represented two of the three largest internet companies in the world, three of the five largest U.S. banks, and the world’s largest retailer—to the small, including individual clients suffering serious personal injuries, or groups of consumers bringing a class action.

Kurt Kastorf Atlanta Lawyer

Key Experience


Kastorf Law


The Summerville Firm


WilmerHale LLP

Trial Attorney

U.S. Department of Justice


King & Spalding LLP

Law Clerk, Chief Judge Ed Carnes

Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

Extern, Judge Julie Carnes

Northern District of Georgia

Extern, Chief Justice Hunstein

Supreme Court of Georgia

Appellate Advocate

As a U.S. Supreme Court and appellate litigator, Kurt worked for and with many of the country’s most prominent appellate advocates, including Seth Waxman, Ed Kneedler, Paul Clement, and Carter Phillips. He has assisted clients with more than a hundred appeals, before every circuit of the United States Court of Appeals. And his track record speaks for itself: over a decade of practice in Washington, D.C., Kurt won every appeal in which he served as lead counsel. Learn more here.

Regulatory Counsel

Kurt has represented individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies facing complex litigation and regulatory problems at every stage of the process, from when a client first learns of an adverse proposed regulation or a new enforcement action, to when a judgment must be overturned on appeal. Few attorneys in Georgia approach Kurt’s knowledge of Federal regulatory matters and the Administrative Procedure Act. Read more about Kurt’s specific areas of regulatory expertise here.

Trial Attorney

Trial attorneys call on Kurt throughout the litigation process, from when they are brainstorming a complaint up until the eve of trial, when they need a talented advocate to brief and argue critical evidentiary issues and to serve as co-counsel, protecting the judgment from post-trial motions and on appeal. Kurt has experience both with individual claims such as medical malpractice, products liability, premises liability, and trucking accidents, and with class actions, particularly consumer protection, securities, and antitrust. Learn more about Kastorf Law’s litigation practice.



Kurt graduated with high honors and a full academic scholarship from Emory University School of Law. He served as the Executive Articles Editor of the Emory Law Journal and Adjunct Editor of the New York University Journal of Law & Liberty, and was the President of the American Constitution Society. He received the Paul Bryan Prize in Constitutional Law, the Henry Quillian Prize in Contracts, and the Dean’s Award in seven courses.

Kurt graduated from Emory College with a dual major in philosophy and political science. He was in honors societies in both majors, and served as a Justice on both the Honor Council (enforced academic integrity) and Constitutional Council (judicial branch of student government). He was a competitive policy debater, winning a national championship as a freshman.



Emory University has recognized Kurt as one of its top “40 Under Forty” alumni. The Fulton County Daily Report identified him as an “On the Rise” attorney, and Georgia Trend Magazine named him a “Legal Elite.” Kurt was also selected as a “Rising Star” in the 2013-2017 editions of Washington DC Super Lawyers, and the 2018-2020 edition of Georgia Super Lawyers.

Kurt is a graduate of both the State Bar of Georgia Leadership Academy and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association’s LEAD program.

Read what other attorneys have to say about Kurt here.


Civic Activities

Kurt has graduated from both the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association LEAD Class and the State Bar of Georgia Leadership Academy, and is a Master of Lamar Inn of Court. He also co-chairs the Editorial Board of Verdict Magazine.

In 2019, Kurt co-founded the Georgia Legal Accelerator, a startup incubator for small firm attorneys. 

He is actively involved with Emory University, and has served on the Emory Law Alumni Board since 2012. He also sits on the Emory Law Journal Board of Consultants and the Emory Law School Supreme Court Advocacy Project Advisory Board.

Kurt lives with his family in Candler Park, and is the Committee Chair of Cub Scout Pack 586.

Anjali, Soren, Kian and Kurt Kastorf


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Contact Kurt

You can call Kurt at (404) 900-0330 or e-mail him at