Antitrust & Cartel Litigation

Kurt Kastorf has uniquely valuable experience in antitrust & cartel litigation. Kurt Kastorf has both helped to guide a client through one of the largest antitrust enforcement actions and attendant multidistrict litigations in United States history and has an extensive background as a trial attorney. The result is that the firm is well situated both to assist companies and individuals in investigations and to co-counsel with plaintiffs’ attorneys seeking to recover for injuries caused by antitrust cartels.

Why should you hire Kastorf Law?

Kastorf Law has a unique vantage on antitrust litigation. Few trial attorneys have a deep knowledge of antitrust and cartel enforcement proceedings and defense before beginning to represent plaintiffs. But Kurt Kastorf helped guide a multinational company through one of the most complex antitrust investigations and largest litigations in United States history. As a result, Kastorf Law can bring unique expertise and perspective to your action. You should call Kastorf Law if you are in one of the following situations:

  • You are a midsize company or an individual who has learned of potential price fixing or other antitrust violations at your company, and you want to know what to do next.
  • You are a trial attorney developing or litigating an antitrust action and you recognize that your case’s value will increase by adding co-counsel with both skilled legal writers and significant substance expertise litigating antitrust matters.