"[W]e spoke with defense counsel the other day and they commented that having Kurt against them felt like they [were] bringing a knife to a gunfight. We Agree."

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Kastorf Law is a boutique law firm that helps individuals, companies, and organizations handle their most challenging issues. Its practice is centered around three pillars: litigation, regulation, and appeals. Learn whether Kastorf Law is the right fit for your problem.

Meet Kurt

Kurt Kastorf is a trial and appellate attorney. He specializes in resolving complex litigation and regulatory problems. Kurt represents both plaintiffs and defendants in trial and appellate courts, both directly and by consulting with lawyers or associating with them on cases.

Kurt Kastorf Atlanta Lawyer

Practice Areas

Kastorf Law represents companies and individuals in both tort and business litigation, with an emphasis on high value cases seemingly headed for trial.

Kastorf Law represents organizations and individuals in complex administrative proceedings, high stakes enforcement actions, and regulatory litigation.

Interior of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

Kurt Kastorf has worked on more than 100 appeals, in every circuit of the United States Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Georgia.

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Handling your toughest dispositive motions and motions in limine

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Kurt Kastorf is a Georgia appellate attorney who handles appeals before the Court of Appeals of Georgia

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Embedded Trial Counsel

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