Tort Litigation

Kastorf Law represents individuals and their families injured by the negligence of others. It specializes in catastrophic injury.

Why hire Kastorf Law?

You have a lot of choices in who to call when you are injured. Google “personal injury Georgia” and dozens of options will appear, each claiming to be an expert in your case. Every attorney will claim they care about your case, and about justice.

So how are you supposed to choose? Why not try the law firm other attorneys call when they are in trouble. When Georgia lawyers get stuck, or make a mistake, or can’t figure something out, they call Kastorf Law. When a case is about to go to trial and they need help, they call Kastorf Law. You can call Kastorf Law too; you don’t need to hire another attorney first.

When should you call Kastorf Law?

You should call Kastorf Law if:

  • You have suffered a serious injury due to the negligence of another. For example:
    • You have been injured by a truck or commercial vehicle;
    • You have been the victim of a crime on the premises of another;
    • A defective product has hurt you;
    • A doctor or other professional has committed malpractice
    • You have otherwise been seriously injured and want to discuss your options.
  • You already have a lawyer, but the case seems headed to trial or become very complex, and you believe adding co-counsel would help your matter.
  • Your case is on appeal.