Embedded Trial Counsel

Kastorf Law joins other firms as co-counsel when a high value or complicated matter appears headed to trial

What exactly does Kastorf Law do at trial?

Everything you shouldn’t be doing. You focus on your case, and we focus on the law. Hire Kastorf Law before the deadline for pretrial motions close and the firm will handle motions in limineDaubert motions, pre-trial orders, jury charges, and anything else that comes up. We handle the law, you handle your case.

Why hire Kastorf Law?

Why should you hire embedded trial counsel? 

Let’s start with this: every attorney who has tried a case with Kurt Kastorf will tell you that he added significant value to the trial, and that you should consider using Kastorf Law for the right matter. The firm is happy to provide you with a list of referrals, but really, feel free to call anyone you know who has worked with Kastorf Law before.

But positive reviews alone don’t explain why and how Kastorf Law provides value. Here are some reasons: 

  • Kastorf Law helps you focus on what you do best. When you’re getting ready to try a case, you should focus on the issues that most need your attention. That might be witness prep, or practicing your opening, or conducting focus groups. Even if you are a brilliant legal analyst, you don’t need to waste your time and mental bandwidth on motions in limineDaubert motions, pretrial orders, jury charges, and miscellaneous motions. And once trial starts, handling live evidentiary disputes and requests from the Court for overnight briefing are a distraction from your direct and cross examinations. Hand all of this work off to Kastorf Law, and focus on winning your case.
  • Kastorf Law drives up the value of your case. Hiring Kastorf law can increase your case value before the firm has even lifted a pen. If you don’t regularly try cases, hiring embedded trial counsel is a clearer signal to the other side that you are not afraid to litigate. Then, if Kastorf Law wins quick victories on motions in limine and Daubert motions, a settlement that once appeared impossible (or a favorable high low) may materialize on the eve of trial. If not, the firm will continue to try to drive up the jury value, by winning key evidentiary issues through trial.
  • Kastorf Law will improve your prospects on appeal. The practical reality is that major cases end up on appeal. If you win a huge jury verdict, you will need to hire dedicated appellate counsel to defend it. If you lose, you may want to seek a retrial. Hiring Kastorf Law now means that the firm will help develop the record on appeal, protecting a potential victory by assisting you to conduct a clean trial, and creating appellate issues if you need a retrial by preserving objections. Your best chance to win an appeal often happens before the notice of appeal is filed.
  • Hiring Kastorf Law soon is the best value proposition. Hiring embedded trial counsel costs only slightly more than hiring appellate counsel. Instead of giving up a slice of your fee for a few appellate briefs, the smarter move is to engage the firm right away, so that you can immediately start focusing on the facts while Kastorf Law handles the law.

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