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Georgia Trial & Appellate Attorney | Kurt Kastorf Law Firm
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What We Do

Kastorf Law helps individuals, companies, and organizations handle their most challenging litigation, appellate, and regulatory issues. Our practice is centered around three pillars:

  • Trial litigation and strategy
  • Regulatory litigation and counseling (including enforcement actions)
  • Appellate litigation

Below is a summary of what we do. A lot of law firm websites claim their attorneys are experts at everything. That’s not Kastorf Law’s approach. On each of our practice area pages, we’ll tell you exactly the sort of problems you should hire us for (and when we might not be the right fit).

Trial Litigation and Strategy

Kastorf Law not only brings a high level of sophistication to our clients’ matters, but regularly consults and associates with other trial counsel to bring their cases to the next level. 

Commercial Litigation

Kastorf Law represents companies in a range of litigation matters, both hourly as defense counsel and on a contingency basis as plaintiffs’ counsel. Learn whether our experience fits your company’s needs.

Tort Litigation

Kastorf Law represents individuals and classes of individuals who have been injured by someone else’s conduct. The firm focuses primarily on catastrophic injury and class actions. See if we are the right fit for you.

Pretrial Litigation and Strategy

By retaining Kastorf Law as your co-counsel early in a case, we can help you develop effective case strategies to solve challenging litigation questions before they sap value from your case, and brief and argue key issues, driving up the trial and settlement value of your matter. Learn how Kastorf Law pays for itself through improved case outcomes.

Embedded Trial Counsel

When a case does go to trial, Kastorf Law’s role can vary depending on co-counsel’s needs, from taking and defending witnesses to serving as an embedded legal expert, beginning with voir dire and continuing through jury charges and post trial motions. Learn why attorneys who take us with them to trial pledge to use us over and over again.

Local Counsel

Attorneys nationwide trust Kastorf Law to serve as local counsel in Georgia. Learn if we are the right choice for your matter

Regulatory Litigation and Counseling

Election Law & Voting Rights

Kastorf Law represents nonprofits, candidates, and political parties in election-related litigation, particularly actions to protect voting rights. He has represented Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, and is currently litigating on behalf of Fair Fight Georgia to fix Georgia’s broken election system, in a lawsuit Slate has described as “incredibly smart.” Learn if Kastorf Law is the right choice for your election law matter.

Administrative Law and Enforcement Proceedings

Kastorf law represents individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies facing complex litigation and regulatory problems at every stage of the process, from when a client first learns of an adverse proposed regulation or a new enforcement action, to when a judgment must be overturned on appeal. Few firms in Georgia approach Kastorf Law’s knowledge of Federal regulatory matters and the Administrative Procedure Act. Learn what your organization’s options are

Environmental and Land Use Litigation

Clients turn to Kastorf Law when environment and natural resources disputes first appear headed towards litigation. He has litigated cases involving nearly 100 environmental statutes, and has worked with a diverse array of Federal agencies. Learn when you should add Kastorf Law to your matter.

Native American Litigation

Kastorf Law has represented tribal governments, investors, and the Department of the Interior on difficult or unsettled legal questions, and advocated for the rights of tribes before federal agencies. Learn about Kastorf Law’s expertise in protecting tribal sovereignty and preserving natural resources.

Antitrust & Cartel Litigation

Kurt Kastorf spent four years working on what was then the largest multi-district litigation in the United States, involving allegations of price fixing in the automotive market. Kastorf Law can both help corporate clients navigate criminal and civil investigations into cartel allegations, and co-counsel with class action attorneys to win critical pre-trial victories in antitrust MDLs. Learn whether Kastorf Law makes sense for your matter.

Data Privacy & Protection

Kastorf Law helps companies facing government investigations and attendant civil litigation for data breaches and allegations of inadequate privacy protection. It also counsels companies to keep them out of trouble to begin with, particularly when it comes to crafting effective privacy policies and ensuring compliance with foreign data protection laws. See if a consultation makes sense.

Post-trial Motions and Appeals

Kurt Kastorf began his practice as a U.S. Supreme Court and appellate litigator, and his track record speaks for itself: over a decade of practice in Washington, D.C., Kurt won every appeal in which he served as lead counsel. Kastorf Law now regularly defends jury verdicts against motions for new trial and before the Court of Appeals of Georgia, the Supreme Court of Georgia, and the United States Courts of Appeal.

Click here to lean more about Kurt’s post-trial motion and appellate practice.