Kurt Kastorf again selected for inclusion in SuperLawyers

Kurt Kastorf, an Atlanta appellate and trial attorney, has been selected for inclusion in SuperLawyers Thank you to colleagues and co-counsel for nominating me for inclusion in SuperLawyers for the past seven years (The first four in Washington, D.C., and the most recent in Atlanta, GA). I am listed for appellate litigation, but you’re better […]

The fastest way to make an appellate brief more persuasive

How to make an appellate brief more persuasive

How to increase your odds on appeal Here is the single fastest way to increase the persuasiveness of an appellate brief: Delete your last issue on appeal. Opening briefs that raise fewer questions presented are almost without exception more persuasive than briefs that raise more. I have never read a great appellate brief that raises […]

One simple fix even most good writers can make

One tip to improve your legal writing

What’s one thing many good writers can improve upon? Here’s one simple fix that even most good writers can make: pay attention to where you are placing the word “only” in sentences. Most people are not deliberate about where they put the word “only.” And even good writers are not much better. I often read […]

Should you appeal?

Interior of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

If you never lose a summary judgment motion or a trial, it doesn’t mean you’re a great lawyer. It means you don’t litigate enough cases. And when you do, you’ll need to decide whether to appeal. Thanks to Veridct Magazine for publishing my article on when you should appeal. You can read it here. Below […]

Does Premises Liability Law Apply to a Vehicle Accident on a Job Site?

Kastorf Law helped secure a reversal on appeal in a case involving a forklift injury on a jobsite.

Kurt Kastorf is happy to report a nice victory in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit for Jeff Helms and his client, Michael Newcomb. Mr. Newcomb was picking up a delivery of corn at Spring Creek’s facility when one of its employers severely injured him with a forklift. The district court dismissed the […]

How Specific Must Evidence of Deliberate Indifference to Medical Need Be?

An image of a dark, empty, hallway.

APRIL 3, 2019 Today the Eleventh Circuit published a useful opinion for civil rights attorneys. See Taylor v. Hughes, 11th Cir. Case No. 17-14772, available here. The case involved an individual who was found drunk in his vehicle. He insisted he had been in an accident. Some evidence reflected that he had physical injuries consistent with a […]