Kurt Kastorf, Sharon Zinns, and Cody Wigington, plaintiffs lawyers and commercial litigators, are featured in article on COVID-19

Kastorf Law Featured in Article on Starting a New Firm During a Pandemic

Thanks to the Daily Report for running a recent feature story mentioning Kastorf Law on how new solo shops are dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Although the article’s core subject is running a new firm during a health crisis, it also contains a decent primer on what it is Kastorf Law does exactly, for those who are unfamiliar.

Please read the whole article—it is informative and may also be your first introduction to two great lawyers, Sharon Zinns and Cody Wigington—but for those without Daily Report access, I’ve reproduced a few excerpts describing Kastorf Law’s practice below:

Kurt Kastorf started his own litigation firm, Kastorf Law, earlier this year with a twofold mission: to help companies facing potentially adverse regulations from as soon as rules are proposed all the way through enforcement actions, and to help plaintiffs lawyers with specialized pretrial statutory issues and appeals.

“Dealing with regulatory and statutory interpretation is its own skill set,” Kastorf explained. “When an organization is dealing with adverse securities regulation or a plaintiffs lawyer trying to file a securities class action, knowledge of how to approach regulatory problems can be as valuable—or more—than substantive knowledge of securities.”

. . . .

On the plaintiff’s side, Kastorf acts as a specialist co-counsel on legal issues that he said “require special thought, such as a vanishing venue or weird personal jurisdiction issue.” He’s also handling pretrial motions and other issues for cases approaching trial.

“I’m doing problem-solving for difficult litigation and appellate problems,” he said. “Some people see that as a generalist role, but I’m a specialist in solving novel legal problems.”

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