The Law Office of Sheri Oluyemi, LLC. is an Atlanta and Smyrna Georgia law firm that provides solutions to your employment-related problems.

Firms You Should Know: The Law Office of Sheri Oluyemi

Kastorf Law’s new series “Firms You Should Know” begins with The Law Office of Sheri Oluyemi. This series will profile small firms and solo practitioners throughout Georgia. We will interview the firm’s founders, explain what the firm does well, and, perhaps most importantly, close by highlighting why the firm should be on your radar.

Sheri Oluyemifounded her own firm in Georgia after moving to the US from Ottawa, Ontario. The firm is located in Cobb County, in Smyrna. Sheri has over five years of experience managing workplace-related disputes and assists both employers and employees. A few of her core services include drafting and implementing human resource policies for employers and assisting employees in whistleblower defense and unpaid wage claims. Sheri is also a member of the Georgia Legal Accelerator and donates time to non-profit organizations in her community, such as Atlanta Victims Assistance, Inc.

Here’s more about Sheri in her own words.

Interested in being featured in Firms You Should Know? Contact Kastorf Law here. If you are interested in the next session of the Georgia Legal Accelerator, be on the lookout for an application window around October, 2020.

Why did Sheri Oluyemi found her firm?

According to Sheri, “I am one of those rare individuals who has only ever wanted to be an attorney. I live and love my practice. As a transplant to Atlanta, GA from Toronto, ON I was required to obtain local licenses to practice. As I obtained a license in NY and GA, I realized that I desired to have more control over the type of work I did, the type of client I had and of course, the amount of time I’d have left over for my then-new born. My Firm allows me to do all this, and more.”

What did you do previously?

Previously, Sheri said, “I was an Associate at the mid-size employment law boutique in Ottawa, ON.” Sheri has also provided case-by-case litigation and arbitration support and worked directly with companies such as Coca-Cola on employment related disputes.

What are your practice areas?

Sheri explained, “Employment law, employment law and employment law.” In fact, Sheri was named one of the 21 best employment lawyers in Atlanta in 2020.

Recently, Sheri was interviewed by WSB-TV on who wanted to know more about employees rights during a crisis like a pandemic. With her employment experience, Sheri answered important questions Georgia employees were asking. Check out the interview to see Sheri’s expertise in action.

Who is Sheri Oluyemi’s ideal client?

According to Sheri, “My ideal client is a small business who desires ongoing access to an employment attorney on an as needed basis without the overheard costs of an in house attorney and the exorbitant expense of a hired gun, outside counsel.”

Describe a recent trial victory.

Sheri shared, “I defeated a claim for unpaid bonuses brought by a former CFO against my small business client. We were not only successful at trial, but we also won a counterclaim that earned a sizable judgment for my client.”

What areas do you see your firm growing over the next five years?

Sheri plans to grow her firm through “subscription based general counsel services.”

Why should the Law Offices of Sheri Oluyemi be on your radar?

Why should you know about The Law Office of Sheri Oluyemi? In Kastorf Law’s view, one of the most interesting things Sheri is doing is selling subscription plans to small businesses who need employment counsel and other start-up advice with a predictable cost structure.

Other attorneys may want to know about Sheri’s approach, for two reasons:

  • First, most of you have friends and clients who are starting or running small businesses. If they’re looking for reliable and cost-predictable employment counsel, particularly prior to making their GC hire, you may want to point them Sheri’s way.
  • Second, subscription services also provide consistent revenue from a firm’s perspective, and you may be interested in incorporating the model into your own business. A subscription service may be particularly attractive to small firms that make most of their money on contingency cases but have attorneys that are experts in one or more subject areas useful to small and midsize companies. Signing up even a small number of clients who are committed to writing a monthly check to your firm can substantially stabilize your cash flow.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to learn more about the Law Office of Sheri Oluyemi, LLC, reach out to Sheri and check out her Employment Law Blog. Want to talk more about subscription services or the business of law? Call Kastorf Law. Thank you to Sheri for filling us in about her firm.

Don’t forget to check back often to read Kastorf Law’s articles about Georgia firms. And learn more about the Georgia Legal Accelerator here.

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