Austin Bersinger is an insurance lawyer in Georgia.

Firms You Should Know: Bersinger Law LLC

Austin Bersinger is an insurance lawyer in Georgia.

Austin Bersinger founded Bersinger Law LLC to represent insurance policyholders in holding insurance companies accountable under the terms of their contracts.

Kastorf Law caught up with Austin to discuss his firm. Read on to hear about Bersinger Law LLC in Austin’s own words.

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Why did Austin Bersinger found his firm?

Austin explains, “I realized there was a need in the marketplace. I was working for the largest insurers in the country and I noticed that if a company like Ford or Delta has an insurance coverage problem, they get counsel and fight. But, there is a large swath of Georgia businesses, from restaurant groups to general contractors to large farms that simply don’t have counsel that knows how to respond to insurance companies when a coverage dispute arises. I founded this firm to represent Georgia businesses and to protect their assets, namely their insurance policies and proceeds.”

What did Austin do previously?

Austin brings unique experience to his work at Bersinger Law LLC. He explains, “I worked at Dentons US LLP, representing national and global insurance companies in disputes all over the United states. Before that, I was an active duty officer in the Air Force. I served as a JAG officer and prosecutor.”

What are Bersinger Law’s practice areas?

Austin practices exclusively “policyholder side insurance coverage litigation and counseling”. Kastorf Law notes for the record that Austin is also a talented all-purpose commercial and business litigator; he’s just a field-leader in insurance coverage. Folks who need a solid commercial litigator, particularly one who can offer flexible rate structures, should still give Bersinger Law a look.

How does Bersinger Law generate business?

Austin explains, “Primarily other attorneys. My biggest marketing efforts are really lawyer education. I educate lawyers across the state on how to recognize when there is an insurance coverage dispute.”

What is Austin’s ideal client?

According to Austin, his ideal clients are “mid size businesses.”

What is an example of a specific legal problem that Bersinger Law can solve better than any other firm in Georgia?

“A lot of businesses have insurance issues, and many don’t know how to handle them. One common scenario is where a company makes a claim to their insurance carrier and the carrier sends back a denial letter. The company thinks, oh I must have been wrong and policy doesn’t cover my loss. But that’s not the case often. What I do better than anyone is I hold companies to their contracts. Many carriers look to avoid providing defense or indemnity for cases that are going to be expensive, or where the carrier can deem the claim a “close call” and deny coverage. Companies need representation because they paid a lot of money for these policies, often these policies are a companies most valuable assets after a loss. If you don’t hold the insurance companies feet to the fire, they will cheat when they can.”

What is one thing that makes Bersinger Law unique?

“The power of focus. We only do one thing. Insurance coverage. That makes us better than everybody else.”

Why should you know about Bersinger Law LLC?

Why should Bersinger Law be on other attorneys’ radars? The short version is that the odds that your existing clients need insurance coverage counseling approaches 100% And that’s true whether you’re a personal injury attorney or a commercial litigator representing businesses. Austin’s practice is only going to become more valuable as insurance claims hit the roof over the next year.

For many layers, it makes sense to start building a relationship with Austin now, given the near certainty that you’ll have at least small questions and perhaps critical cases to send him in the future.

Want to learn more?

Interested in learning more about Bersinger Law LLC? Contact Austin here and check out his blog. Want to be featured as part of Kastorf Law’s series on small firms and solo practitioners? Reach out to us here.

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