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Sage Advice: What the Best Trial Attorneys Know That You Might Not

Kastorf Law asked a number of stellar trial attorneys to each answer the following question: “What is one thing—big or small—that you wish you had realized earlier on in your career? It could be a great trial tip, a discovery tactic, a negotiating strategy, or something about the business of law—just something that has helped you along the way.”

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Save and Organize Your Exhibits

Laurie Speed is a Georgia trial attorney.

Laurie Speed of Speed + King Law has served as President of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association and the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers. She has extensive litigation and trial experience, including an $11,000,000.00 verdict against Philip Morris. She offers a practical tip on handling exhibits:

“As you are preparing your witness outline for deposition or trial or oral argument, save the exhibit, demonstrative aid, or slide of a quote from case law into a separate folder immediately upon drafting the question or point being made. By the end of your outline, you will be able to visualize in one place, all the exhibits or demonstrative aids that you will use for that witness (or argument). Not only will you see what is missing or what is overkill, but also, when you go to the deposition, trial or oral argument, the exhibits are already saved in one place. This makes it much more efficient when preparing your powerpoint or Trial Pad presentation for court, mediation, or depositions.”

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