Analysis of a Trial Win: Montague v. Herrera

Attorneys Bethany Schneider and Steven Newton obtained a $1 million trial verdict in Fulton County

$1+ Million for a Rear End Collision in Fulton County, Georgia Congratulations to Bethany Schneider and Steven Newton for obtaining more than $1 million from a Fulton County jury on behalf of a woman rear ended when another vehicle suddenly stopped in front of her. Kastorf Law caught up with Steve to ask for some […]

Motions in Limine: The Complete Guide (2/3)

Part II of Kastorf Law's Complete Guide to Motions in Limine

Part II: Effective Triage When You’ve Received a Stack of Motions in Limine Part I of this series covered advance preparation for a deluge of motions in limine. But ultimately,  you can only do so much in advance. The real fun cannot start until the motions arrive. How should you engage in effective project management when you’ve received […]

Motions in Limine: The Complete Guide (1/3)

Learn a comprehensive strategy for responding to motions in limine.

Part I: How Should You Prepare in Advance to Respond to Motions in Limine? How Should You Respond to a Deluge of Motions in Limine? The day of the deadline for pretrial motions can strike panic into the hearts of even the most stoic lawyers. Between motions in limine, Daubert, and dispositive motions, by midnight—particularly in […]

Beware of Shotgun Pleadings

An image of a shotgun

“Courts in the Eleventh Circuit have little tolerance for shotgun pleadings.” Vibe Micro, Inc. v. Shabanets, 878 F.3d 1291, 1295 (11th Cir. 2018). A cautionary tale comes from a recent decision by J.P. Boulee on the Northern District of Georgia, who dismissed with prejudice a complaint in a complex securities fraud case. You can read […]

Does Premises Liability Law Apply to a Vehicle Accident on a Job Site?

Kastorf Law helped secure a reversal on appeal in a case involving a forklift injury on a jobsite.

Kurt Kastorf is happy to report a nice victory in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit for Jeff Helms and his client, Michael Newcomb. Mr. Newcomb was picking up a delivery of corn at Spring Creek’s facility when one of its employers severely injured him with a forklift. The district court dismissed the […]

What to Do When a Defense Expert Claims a Medical Procedure Was Unnecessary

An image of a medical procedure.

What to Do When a Defense Expert Claims a Medical Procedure Was Unnecessary A useful practice pointer from Scott Campbell this morning at the Fried Rogers Goldberg Workshop: When the defense has a credible medical expert offer an opinion in a deposition that a procedure was unnecessary, one strategy is to push that expert on whether recommending the procedure […]