Golden Rule Motions in Limine: How to Respond

How to respond to Golden Rule Motions in Limine in Georgia

What is the best response to a motion in limine to prohibit “golden rule” arguments in Georgia? How should you respond to golden rule motions in limine? In Motions in Limine: The Complete Guide, Kastorf Law proposed a complete plan for trial lawyers responding to motions in limine. Part I of that series is series covered […]

Sage Advice: What the Best Trial Attorneys Know That You Might Not

Tips from the best trial attorneys in Georgia

Kastorf Law asked a number of stellar trial attorneys to each answer the following question: “What is one thing—big or small—that you wish you had realized earlier on in your career? It could be a great trial tip, a discovery tactic, a negotiating strategy, or something about the business of law—just something that has helped […]

How precise does the content of a medical malpractice affidavit need to be?

Amending professional negligence claims in Georgia

Earlier this month, Kastorf Law posted Kurt Kastorf and Maxwell Thelen’s article from Verdict Magazine on how to amend professional negligence claims in Georgia. But when is an amendment even necessary? A recent Court of Appeals of Georgia case provides some helpful guidance. What is the implication of Giddens v. Medical Center of Central Georgia […]

How to Amend a Professional Negligence Claim in Georgia

Amending professional negligence claims in Georgia

Bringing (and Amending) Professional Negligence Claims Georgia, like many states, requires an affidavit from an expert to bring a professional negligence claim such as medical malpractice. What do you do if the affidavit does not address a cause of action or name a party you later discover to be liable? Thanks to Verdict Magazine for […]

Analysis of a Trial Win: Montague v. Herrera

Attorneys Bethany Schneider and Steven Newton obtained a $1 million trial verdict in Fulton County

$1+ Million for a Rear End Collision in Fulton County, Georgia Congratulations to Bethany Schneider and Steven Newton for obtaining more than $1 million from a Fulton County jury on behalf of a woman rear ended when another vehicle suddenly stopped in front of her. Kastorf Law caught up with Steve to ask for some […]