Tips from the Georgia Defense Bar.

Defense Bar Perspective: What the Other Side Thinks Trial Attorneys Could Be Doing Better

Kastorf Law reached out to seasoned members of the Georgia defense bar to ask the following question: “What is one piece of advice—big or small—you have for trial attorneys to produce better outcomes for their clients?”

We will be posting the advice, one piece at a time, throughout the year. Make sure to come back to this page and check out our latest tips from the defense bar.

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Maximize Your Time

Dan Huff is a defense attorney with over 28 years of experience.

Dan Huff brings 28 years of experience as a defense attorney to his practice at Huff Powell Bailey. Dan specializes in high damage lawsuits, primarily medical malpractice claims, and has successfully tried cases for every speciality of medicine. Dan offers three tips on time management:

  1. Take care of your mind and your body. Sleep and exercise are needed for us to be our best.
  2. Talk more and email less with opposing counsel. Phone calls, coffee, lunch, drinks. Always more productive than email exchanges.
  3. Respect everyone’s time. It’s a habit that is especially true at trial, but efficiency is more important now than ever before.

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Please also check out some of our regular analysis on issues important to the trial bar. For example, check out our complete guide to responding to motions in limine.

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