Amending professional negligence claims in Georgia
Pretrial Litigation & Strategy

How to Amend a Professional Negligence Claim in Georgia

Bringing (and Amending) Professional Negligence Claims Georgia, like many states, requires an affidavit from an expert to bring a professional negligence claim such as medical malpractice. What do you do if the affidavit does not address a cause of action or name a party you later discover to be liable?

Joseph Wilson, Leonard Mathis, and Matt Wetherington won a trial verdict in Fulton County Georgia
Embedded Trial Counsel

Analysis of a Trial Win: Kirche Hall v. Loomis Armored

$584,000 in an Armored Truck Wreck in Fulton County, Georgia Congratulations to Joseph Wilson and Leonard Mathis for obtaining $584,000 in a car accident case involving a collision with an armored money truck. Matt Wetherington also helped out, arguing key motions and evidentiary issues. Kastorf Law spoke with Joseph about

Kastorf Law files on behalf of DeKalb Board of Ethics
Regulatory Litigation

DeKalb County Ethics Boards Files Motion to Resume Operation

DeKalb Ethics Board Asks Judge to Let It Get Back To Work The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has recent coverage of Kastorf Law’s effort to allow the DeKalb County Ethics Board to continue to do its job. If your organization has a regulatory litigation problem, learn how Kastorf Law can help, and

Attorneys Bethany Schneider and Steven Newton obtained a $1 million trial verdict in Fulton County
Pretrial Litigation & Strategy

Analysis of a Trial Win: Montague v. Herrera

$1+ Million for a Rear End Collision in Fulton County, Georgia Congratulations to Bethany Schneider and Steven Newton for obtaining more than $1 million from a Fulton County jury on behalf of a woman rear ended when another vehicle suddenly stopped in front of her. Kastorf Law caught up with

Kurt Kastorf addresses Motions in Limine
Pretrial Litigation & Strategy

Motions in Limine: The Complete Guide (3/3)

Part III: How to Draft Effective Responses to Motions in Limine Part I of this series covered advance preparation for a deluge of motions in limine. Part II addressed how to engage in triage when you’ve received a stack of motions in limine. Finally, the main event. It is time to identify and

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Kurt Kastorf again selected for inclusion in SuperLawyers

Kurt Kastorf, an Atlanta appellate and trial attorney, has been selected for inclusion in SuperLawyers Thank you to colleagues and co-counsel for nominating me for inclusion in SuperLawyers for the past seven years (The first four in Washington, D.C., and the most recent in Atlanta, GA). I am listed for