Tips from the best trial attorneys in Georgia
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The Art of Cross Examination: Golden Rules for the Examination of Witnesses

The answer to yesterday’s Lamar Inn of Court trivia question: “Who was the famous 19th century trial lawyer and author of The Art of Cross Examination?” is Francis L. Wellman. For those interested in learning more about Francis Wellman’s work on cross examination, we’ve reproduced portions of Chapter IX, which

substantial evidence standard in Georgia
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What Does the Substantial Evidence Standard Mean in Georgia?

What does the substantial evidence standard mean in Georgia? A recent ruling from the Court of Appeals of Georgia reminds us that the answer is: not very much. Fulton County v. Berry, A20A0434 is a reminder that “substantial evidence” really means “any evidence.” The easiest way to keep up on

How to respond to Golden Rule Motions in Limine in Georgia
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Golden Rule Motions in Limine: How to Respond

What is the best response to a motion in limine to prohibit “golden rule” arguments in Georgia? How should you respond to golden rule motions in limine? In Motions in Limine: The Complete Guide, Kastorf Law proposed a complete plan for trial lawyers responding to motions in limine. Part I of

Tips from the best trial attorneys in Georgia
Pretrial Litigation & Strategy

Sage Advice: What the Best Trial Attorneys Know That You Might Not

Kastorf Law asked a number of stellar trial attorneys to each answer the following question: “What is one thing—big or small—that you wish you had realized earlier on in your career? It could be a great trial tip, a discovery tactic, a negotiating strategy, or something about the business of

The Law Office of Sheri Oluyemi, LLC. is an Atlanta and Smyrna Georgia law firm that provides solutions to your employment-related problems.

Firms You Should Know: The Law Office of Sheri Oluyemi

Kastorf Law’s new series “Firms You Should Know” begins with The Law Office of Sheri Oluyemi. This series will profile small firms and solo practitioners throughout Georgia. We will interview the firm’s founders, explain what the firm does well, and, perhaps most importantly, close by highlighting why the firm should

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Analysis of a Trial Win: Michael Wells v. The Estate of Kevin Jernigan

$2+ Million for an unexpected U-turn in Muscogee County, GA Congratulations to Drew Ashby and Chase Swanson for obtaining more than $2 million from a Muscogee County jury on behalf of a man injured by a commercial flatbed truck when a car ahead in traffic made a sudden U-turn. Kastorf